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In 1885, Karl Benz utilized the basics of the four-stroke engine and bicycle technology to begin the design and production of one of the first automobiles.  After multiple failed partnerships, due to a disconnect in Karl's vision, his wife, Bertha, bought out the last remaining partner with her own dowry.  She was actively involved in all aspects of the company, including the maintenance of each vehicle.  Karl Benz and Bertha Benz's joint ownership made Mercedes Benz the first auto manufacturer to have a women ownership.  Her investment in the company went beyond that of monetary value as she was active in promoting new designs and models on a regular basis and participating in the initial designs and mechanics of each of vehicle.

When it comes to unexpected repairs for your car, truck, van or SUV, you deserve the same level of quality and expertise that went into designing your vehicle.  Auto Glass On The Go only uses quality glass that meets or exceeds  NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) standards for all of your Mercedes auto glass replacement needs.  Under the circumstance that simple chip or crack repair is needed, we fill the area with a high-quality resin and expert technique.  All of our technicians are Sika certified and trained to insure that all auto glass replacements and repairs are completed properly the first time.

Mercedes Windshield or Windscreen Replacement


Your windshield is essential to the structural strength of your vehicle.  The windshield supports the roof, and assists in the deployment of airbags.  Improper installation or using low quality glass can impair your safety in the case or and accident or rollover.  Because your safety is our top priority, all of our technicians are Safe-Tech certified and we only use windshields that meet or exceed NHSTA and DOT standards.

Mercedes Door Glass or Window Glass Replacement


Discovering your vehicle has a broken or shattered window never induces a positive feeling, but knowing that you can get the glass replaced quickly at an affordable rate should help ease some of the frustration.  Our technician will arrive at a location that is convenient for you and properly replace the damage glass.  As an added bonus, our technician will vacuum out the broken pieces of glass for you and your passengers safety.

Mercedes Quarter Glass or Vent Glass Replacement


Although your vehicles vent or quarter glass is a small piece, it's importance should not go unnoticed.  In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it also protects your car or SUV from potential theft and internal weather damage.  We specialize in locating hard to find quarter and vent glass for antique vehicles and newer models whose designs include this essential piece of glass.  Our on-site replacement creates an effortless experience.

Mercedes Back Window or Windshield Replacement


While your back glass does not get as much attention as your windows or windshield, it is just as essential.  Since your back windshield is made out of the same materials as your door, quarter or vent glass pieces, it shatters in the same manner.  This leaves small shards of glass in your vehicle even after replacement has been completed.  Our on location service allows your glass replacement to be completed quickly and our free vacuum service allows you and you passenger to travel safely.  

Mercedes Chip, Crack, Ding, Rock or Stone Repair


Generally a chip or crack is a mere inconvenience, but if not attended to it can result is a additional damage your windshield.  If this happens, a windshield repair can turn into a windshield replacement.  In order to prevent this unnecessary additional expense, we recommend getting your chip or crack repaired as soon as possible.  All of our technicians are Sika Adhesive Certified and trained.  Most repairs take around 30 minutes and our done at your location. 

Mercedes ADAS Windshield or Windscreen Replacement


Most new vehicles are now coming standard with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.  If your vehicle has an ADAS then it is imperative that we verify all the functions for the safety of your and your passengers.  If the incorrect windshield is installed it will prevent the various systems from working correctly and can result in an accident or roll-over.  All of our employees are trained to verify that we are ordering and installing the correct windshield in your vehicle to insure your safety.

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Type of Glass


In order to insure accuracy in your quote request, please use the above diagram to locate the type of glass your vehicle needs replaced or repaired.  If you have any questions or need additional direction, please do not hesitate to call us at 210-579-0919.

Repair or Replacement


For repair to be an option, the chip must be no larger than a quarter and a crack should be no longer than a dollar bill.  We are unable to repair a chip or crack that has been repaired previously, or if the damage is on the drivers side of the windshield.  

Please Read Prior to Submitting Quote Request

When getting a quote for a newer vehicle, it is important to not only make sure you are providing the correct year, make and model, but also whether or not your vehicle has Any Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, etc; You can find a more comprehensive list of these features on our Windshield Replacement page by clicking on the button  below. If you are familiar with all of the features your vehicle please list them in the additional information box.  If you are unsure, please either call us to get a quote or list a time in the quote box that you will be available to take our call should we need to gather additional information.  If we are unable to determine what features your vehicle has, we will not be able to provide you with a quote.

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